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SSA Past Presidents Luncheon – April 10

One of the traditions at Sycamore is the return of the past SSA Presidents for an annual meeting and luncheon.

Where: at Sycamore School.
When:  April 10, 2014 at noon

Spring Math Night – April 14

Time and Location
The event will last from 4:30 to approximately 7:00 pm on Monday, April 14th, in Sycamore School’s cafeteria, gym and auditorium. Sycamore is located at 1750 W. 64th St, Indianapolis, IN. Please arrive by 4:15 so the contest can start promptly at 4:30.

Students can register online at

Schedule of Events
4:00-4:30 – Registration
4:30-4:50 – Speed Round 1 (Skill Contest)
4:55-5:15 – Speed Round 2 (Problem Solving Contest)
5:20-5:40 – Accuracy Round
5:40-6:15 – Dinner (We will be ordering pizza)
6:15-6:45 – Team Competition
6:45-7:00 – Awards

Part of the registration fee will cover the cost of dinner. Students will be given two pieces of pizza, a drink and a snack. Extra slices and drinks will be available after everyone has been served. We will have cheese, pepperoni and sausage pizza available. Parents may purchase a food ticket as well.

The Competition
There will be two divisions. Division 1 will be for 5th and 6th graders. Division 2 will be for 3rd and 4th graders.

Speed Round 1 – This will be a 15 minute test with 30 questions. The problems will focus on appropriate grade level basic skills questions. (Order of Operations, Fractions, Decimals, Number Sense). Each question will be worth 1 point.

Speed Round 2 – This will be a 15 minute test with 15 questions. The questions will all be word problems that can be solved quickly. Each question will be worth 2 points.

Accuracy Round – This will be a 15 minute 10 question test. The questions will all be word problems that will take longer to figure out and students will be allowed to use a calculator. Each question will be worth 3 points.

Team Round – The students will be randomly assigned teams of 4 for a fun time of solving problems with other students.

Tie-Breakers – Tie breakers will be determined by looking at the first question missed starting from the last question on the last test. If this does not determine a winner then the competition will be considered a tie.

The top 3 students will be recognized for each test in each division. The top 10 overall students from each division will also be recognized.

Parents are welcome to stay in the Sycamore School auditorium during the individual test. At 4:40 Mr. Tormoehlen will be giving a presentation to parents about math competitions and the role they can play in a student’s math education. Parents are then invited to eat pizza with the students and then watch the team contest and the awards ceremony.

Registration is $10 per student. This fee covers the costs associated with hosting the contest and pays for the food. If an adult would like to eat with the students the cost will be $5 per adult. There will be a limited number of adult meal tickets available on the night of the contest. To insure an adult meal ticket please include the $5 with your child’s registration.

The event is hosted by Mr. Tormoehlen from Sycamore School, Mr. Fischer from Honey Creek Middle School in Terre Haute and Dr. Chi from Indiana State in Terre Haute. Mr. Tormoehlen, Mr. Fischer and Dr. Chi will also be the head judges.

If you have any questions please email Mr. Tormoehlen at

Experience Middle School – for prospective parents and students – April 16

Sycamore Tree Group PhotoExperience Middle School at Sycamore

WHEN: Wednesday, April  /  5:30 -7:30pm.
WHERE: Sycamore School – 1750 West 64th Street – Indianapolis

Do you have Middle School-age children?  Looking for a school that matches them with a peer group, and builds a foundation that will serve them through their college years and last a lifetime?  Join us for our upcoming event and experience a little bit of  what life is like at Sycamore School.

Sycamore will open the school doors for an “Experience the Middle School” night on April 16, from 5:30 - 7:30pm.

The informal evening will include 30-minute mini-classes in History, Language Arts, Science and Math.  We will also have family tours, and our 8th Grade Student Ambassadors and Parent Ambassadors will be here to answer questions during this fun evening of sharing Sycamore.  Come by the school, even if it is just to take a quick look.

Hope to see you on April 16!

For more information, call 317.202.2510


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Sycamore Wellness Fair – April 19

healthfair_graphicJoin the Wellness Committee at the first annual Health and Wellness Fair from 9am-1pm on Saturday, April 19.

Walk through the vendor table area and watch live demonstrations of karate, dance, and fitness classes.

There will also be various raffle prizes throughout the event. as more than 20 vendors convene to give you information on various wellness topics.

Vendors scheduled to attend this event include: the JCC, American Diabetes Association, Outrun the Sun, Sam’s Club (vision and hearing screenings), Walgreen’s (BMI and blood pressure screenings), Indy Dance Academy, and more. We hope to see you there!

Email with any questions.

Jog-A-Thon – May 9

The spring fundraiser for Sycamore School
WHEN: May 9, 2014

Grade by grade, students, staff members, and families will take steps around the athletic track to help raise money to support the school’s mission of educating gifted learner.
Steps for Sycamore Jog-A-Thon is an important school wide fundraiser. Last year’s fundraising total was more than $80,000. The funds raised will go towards field trips, guest speakers, technology, and more. You are supporting the enriched education the school strives to provide our children. Join us in celebrating more than 26 years of educating Indiana’s next generation of leaders.

This fundraiser provides an exciting physical activity for our students and gives businesses, families, friends, and supporters an opportunity to get involved.
Sycamore’s Jog-a-thon is an important way to help generate funds to continue to fully develop a most precious resource, our children.